Kingdom Lights by Steven V.S – A Book Review 


This is a review of an e-book supplied by the author via a Goodreads giveaway.

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Right … Down to business!

I read this book a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it so thought it was worth a re-read and a more detailed review to give a clearer impression of what I thought about it. First off, I’d like to touch on how Steven has built up such a detailed and in-depth environment that is so cliché as this may be: out of this world. He has somehow intertwined the world into the story in such a subtle way that you almost feel you could have created it in your own head.

It’s set in a world with a major divide between magic and non magic folk. People who are not blessed with magic live life down on the ground as commoners as opposed to people with magic who live up in the floating cities. This element to the story kind of reminds me of the film called “Elysium” but on more of a mid grade level. So all in all … AWESOME!

A young boy named Celes is about to change everything. He has lived a pretty average unassuming life down on the ground until he turned 12 years old and it comes to light that he is gifted with magical powers. He is then shipped off to a school on the floating island of Gardarel to a magical school to teach him to how to properly wield it. The story also had a slight Hogwarty feel to it. (If that is even a word … if it isn’t, I feel it should be!) I appreciated that. It was not too much that it made it seem like a cookie cutter copy, but it was just enough to feel slightly nostalgic.

One thing I particularly like about this book is that it was written with a clear objective in mind. Every character had a purpose and as far I could tell, there were no filler scenes. This meant that was pretty much hooked from page one and not once did I get an urge to have a cheeky flip to the last page just to see if the time I would spend reading would be worth it in the end. It was totally worth it by the way.

I feel like any description of this story wouldn’t do it justice so I suggest that if you ever fancy a quick fantasy read that you will most likely read in one sitting, read this! It’s by far, one of my favourite YA Fantasy reads in a long while and it might just be yours too!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and found it helpful. Have you heard of Steven’s work? If you have I’d be very interested in hearing/reading about what you think about this book in particular.

Also if you have any book in mind that you want me to post a review on, let me know in the comments and I’ll get right to it!



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