My monthly local book bargains


Last weekend, I was introduced by my mum to something called the “66 Book Club”.

This is a book club which has an annual membership fee of £2 (per household). Surely you can’t get much for £2 right? Wrong. The company hosts a pop up book store (more of a warehouse) for one weekend every month, and all of the books they sell are 70% off of the Recomended Retail Price. They also boast special offers during these weekends. For the day I visited them, all adult fiction was discounted by 80%. As you can probably imagine, I was like a child in a sweet shop!

I may or may not have been a little bit over excited. I managed to buy 10 books for £20. The Recomended retail Price for all of these books together was £100. If that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is!

My only gripe with the service is that the books aren’t for what I saw at least, organised in any way relating to author, or genre. The books are displayed in random piles all together and in no particular order in somehwhat of a maze. This means that if you had a particular genre or author in mind, you will not be in for a quick trip. It is important that you set aside enough time from your day to properly be able to browse and just have a wonder. But for £2 a year, what can you expect?! This is no Foyles, or Waterstones. You pay for that kind of ease I suppose. As much as a lack of “organisation” can be a touch irritating or inconvenient, it can also be brilliant. I spent roughly 45 minutes wandering up and down and around the towering shelving units stacked high with books, but I would ideally need a lot more time. So many books, so little time! It was really quite overwhelming. The brilliant thing with this layout though, it that I picked up books that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of looking at in a generic book shop and i am really excited to get stuck into them.

This is what I picked up on my visit:

a man lies dreaming cover
A Man Lies Dreaming – Lavie Tidh
The Long Room Cover
The Long Room – Francesca Kay
The Coincidence Engine Cover
The Coincidence Engine – Sam Leith
@war the rise of cyber warfare
@ War The Rise of Cyber Warfare – Shane Harris
The Anchoress Cover
The Anchoress – Robyn Cadwallader
A Common Loss
A Common Loss –  Kirsten Tranter
I'm Jack Cover
I’m Jack – Marc Blacklock

Going forward, I’m going to be posting regularly on this blog. Once a week maybe. I’m not sure yet but this will become clear as I get used to writing more.

I’m hoping to get through all of these books before the next time The 66 Book Club comes back around so I can start again with a clean slate. When I went to this warehouse bookstore, I got a tad bit overwhelmed by all of the books and lack of an organised layout, and maybe didn’t allow myself enough time to actually peruse the shelves. Instead I have a random selection of books that I may not have otherwise bought. This could be a good thing, but next time I will allow more that 45 minutes to look around properly and enjoy my time there.





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